Level Up Your Mobile Gaming

What do you use to hold your phone when you're mobile gaming? SteadiMount has you covered with something that will give you a competitive edge over the competition, and change the way you play games on your phone forever. The SteadiMount Magnet stand is fully adjustable and compact enough to keep in your pocket, giving you a simple and effective way to hold your phone while you use the controller of your choice to play all of your favorite iphone and android games!

Check out a few common questions below for more details-

  • Can I Use My Dual-Shock Controller While My Phone is Mounted? We encourage you to! Gain a competitive edge on your opponents by adding a SteadiMount Magnet Mount to your setup, and connect your dual-shock controller to play your favorite games.
  • Will the Magnet or Case Interfere With my Bluetooth Connection? The Bluetooth functionality wont be impacted when using any of our SteadiMount products. When you connect your controller to your iPhone or Android device you can play your games without any connectivity issues. 
  • How Do I Connect My Controller Once I Mount My Phone? With IOS13 you can connect your controller in a few simple steps! According to Apple compatible controllers are both XBOX Bluetooth and PS DualShock Bluetooth controllers. For a full set of instructions click the link here (Instructions)

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