Showdown: Magnetic Case vs. Anti-Gravity Case

  • Why use a magnet mount rather than an anti gravity case? Anti gravity phone cases are notorious for losing their holding abilities over time as they wear. Normal everyday use of you phone can dirty the case enough to completely negate its "anti gravity" abilities risking expensive cracks when your device wont hold! SteadiMount used the science of magnets, while staying fixed with powerful adhesive in one central location allowing you to confidently use SteadiMount Magnet Mounts as many times as you desire!
  • Can I move my SteadiMount Magnet Mount? Although anti gravity cases boast the ability to move them, you run the risk of your phone not gripping different materials or falling due to even minimal dust particles on the case. Our magnet mounts are designed to adhere to different surfaces for long term use. We recommend not moving your mount once its been placed in your favorite spot to assure the strongest hold possible. 
  • What if I already have a case that I want to keep? Although we have specially designed to cases to use with your mounts, we understand its hard to let go of whats familiar right away. If you have a case that you absolutely love, and dont want to use the metal sticker provided with your mount we highly recommend checking out our SteadiMount Ring! The Ring was designed specifically to adhere to your phone or case allowing you to hold your phone better, prop your phone up on flat surfaces and still mount to your magnet mounts! Click here to check out the SteadiMount Ring

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