Creative Places to Mount Your Magnets

At SteadiMount we create highly effective and convenient products that make your life easier while maintaining a minimal aesthetic. Keeping style and hassle-free usability as the basis of our design, SteadiMount seeks to provide accessories that look and work great while staying simple. Magnetic cases that are simple, look great and highly effective.
  • What are common places people put these magnets? Our magnets work well anywhere you can think of! Whether wanting an awesome desk set-up with easy access to your phone while you work at home or study, or if youre in the kitchen wanting to watch your favorite shows or tutorials we have you covered. We also think vanity mirrors and bedroom set-up work great for a convenient placement of your mobile device.
  • Can I use my magnet mounts in any room? Absolutely! SteadiMount magnets have an industrial strength adhesive on their backs, allowing you to stick them to different materials in your home like drywall, metal and wood. 
  • Can I take the Magnets off if I move? Although SteadiMount magnets are designed for permanent dependability, you can still remove them. Using any thin too you can pry off the mount from the surface you chose. Keep in mind SteadiMount is intended for one time use, once removed it is highly suggested that you order new magnets rather than re-sticking them to prevent falling. 

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