Can Magnets Harm Your Phone?

Although magnets aren't new technology by any means, SteadiMount products give you new ways use them to make your life easier, and conveniently use your smart phone in ways you couldn't before. Phones can be expensive, we understand you want to make sure they're secure, so we have you covered with a few common questions below to help understand how our product works.
      • Will SteadiMount Magnet Mounts harm my phone? Absolutely not! Not only is your phone protected from direct contact when using the metal sticker provided to mount, but due to the size of the magnet and lack of a outdated technology in the phone magnets pose no threat. 
      • What if I have an older model phone? SteadiMount Mounts are designed to fit all mobile phones, with our simple to use sticker you can use your mount with countless devices with out magnetic case technology. 
      • Will SteadiMount Magnets harm my charger? SteadiMount Magnet Mounts will not have any impact on your charging when plugged into your device, although due to the positioning of the metal inside of our magnet cases, SteadiMount cases do not support wireless charging. If battery life is a concern, check back for our SteadiMount Charging Case coming soon!

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